Barefoot Software Consulting provides superior embedded systems design and development from concept to production.

With over twenty years in diverse fields such as medical and lab devices, factory automation, power, water, and robotics, I am able to draw on this experience to craft creative solutions to my client's needs while considering product cost and manufacturability.

From board layout to high or low level programming, legacy product support to new product development, Barefoot Software Consulting is able to provide high quality design and strives to exceed customer expectations.

Embedded C, C++, assembly, Windows C++ and C#, HTML, XML, JSON, SQL, Java, Perl, Python, Visual Basic

Schematics and board layout

Bare-metal, low-power, real-time design

GIT, SVN, CVS, VSS version control

Test fixtures, prototyping, and simulation

Linux device drivers and more

Intellectual property
You bought it, you own it. All code and electronic design documents developed for a customer project are made available to the paying customer.

Code re-use: for the sake of efficiency and practicality, ideas, code snippets and algorithms may be shared between projects, to the extent that intellectual property is not compromised (date/time algorithms are an example). That means a new customer shares in the benefits of years of prior work, but may also "pay it forward" with any new knowledge and experience gained by working on their project. Anything that needs to be "super proprietary" can be done, but would lose the benefit of using any prior code or engineering documents.

Time and money
Work may be quoted on time and materials or per-project basis. My hourly rate is $100 per hour.

Time not spent on a project on a given day is not charged to that project. This may seem like an obvious thing, but it's worth mentioning. Time spent for any significant travel will be billed for half the travel time - it's time I can't use, but it's also time of no use to the customer.

Need help but not sure who to trust? Let me quote a small project, and we'll get to know one another. Most of my clients are repeat clients, and I build my business on a few trusted relationships.

Staying informed
Communication is key, and surprises in time spent or deliverables signifies a failure in that communication. With that in mine, I start with a detailed design specification, and continue with weekly reports to make sure that your time is being spent wisely.

Phone: 919-961-1139
Email: Tom@BarefootSoftwareConsulting.com

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